Most Popular Pen in the World

Pens are used for writing or drawing on surface of paper. The design, look and technology of pen has gone through many phases. Reed pens, quill pens and dip pens were used in past. Now, ballpoint and  fountain pens are more popular and widely used.

Here is the most popular pen in the world based on sales and has been recorded as world record in Guinness world record book.

1. Bic’s disposable ball-point pen

The Most popular pen in the word is Bic’s disposable ball-point pen. It is an inexpensive disposable ballpoint pen produced in bulk and sold across the world. More than 100 billion of pens were sold and and even now it is sold at a rate of 57 pens per second.

There are several styles and category’s available and BIC Cristal Stick Ball pen is the pen, we all grew up with. This pen has 1.25 miles of writing and has roll-proof hexagon-shaped barrel.

pens writing

2. Pilot Pens

pilot writing pens

Pilot is one of the most popular brand for pens. Pilot corporation manufactures various writing instruments and is the third largest pen manufacturer in USA.They have plants across the world and sell pens in different category.

3. Parker Pens

parker writing pens

Parker is a popular fountain pen and it is known to any one in UK and USA . They are almost monopoly in fountain pen segment. Parker premium pens are used as executive gifts. Parker introduces various models and the key models in company’s history are Duofold International,Sonnet and Parker 100. Parker also manufactures and sells ballpoint pens. Facet,Executive,Esprite, Frontier, Jotter, Vector are their popular brands.

4. Hero

Hero pens

Hero is a Chinese pen company and it is a popular and widely used fountain pen in China and India. Some of Hero pen models looks like Parker pens.

Do you know, who introduced the pen to this world ?

Ancient Indians were the first to introduce the pen and they used bird feather, bamboo sticks to write. The literature’s like Ramayana and Mahabharata used the pens during 500BC. (source:

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