Most Popular iPhone 5 Case manufacturers

iPhone has created a great business opportunity for accessory manufacturers. Here we will see the 5 most popular iPhone case manufactures. Popularity is determined based on product sales and promotions they do. Some of the companies has started to manufacture cases even before iPhone 5 was in the market.

1. Bear Motion

Bear Motion is a very successful case manufacturer. Their Flip type case are popular with iPhone 4 and they are the early company to come out with iPhone 5 cases. They also make cases for iPad and iPods.

2. OtterBox

OtterBox is one of the most popular case manufactures. Their tough cases are the widely used by rough users of iPhone. The defender series and commute series are the popular iPhone cases and is highly reviewed by customers.

3. Case-Mate

Unlike other companies, Case-Mate has variety of styles to choose. They have excellent website to showcase their products. Even before iPhone 5 stated to ship, they are ready to ship the cases. It shows, how are they are keen to do business.

4. Speck

Speck is a common brand for iPhone cases. We have already displayed the 10 best Speck cases for iPhone . It means there are many users who are specifically looking for Speck product.

5. Zagg

Zagg is well known brand with respect to iPhone accessory. They not only make cases for iPhone but also make other iPhone/iPad accessory. They do extensive promotion to market their product.

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