Most Famous Martial Artists

There are many martial arts across the world and few are most famous martial arts. There are martial arts which are practiced with in the country and has not attained much fame or spoken  about .

There are very few people who are famous by the martial arts. Here is a short list of the most popular martial artists who became famous in the English movies and the movies are interesting to watch.

1. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee was a Chinese American , Hong Kong actor , martial arts instructor , film director , producer. He is the founder of “Jeet Kune Do Martial arts” movement. His films , elevated the martial arts film to a new high in the Holly wood. Lee was the fastest martial artist in the film history. Lee is very popular in China as his films portrayed about China. Lee was involved in competitive fights too. Lee was known for this physical fitness and he is very strong. Lee also studied drama and philosophy. He is the man who revolutionized martial arts and considered by many as man of mixed martial artists. On May 1973 , Lee Collapsed in Golden Harvest studies while doing dubbing work for the movie “Enter the Dragon” and doctors diagnosed cerebral edema. Bruce Lee was named by “Time Magazine” as one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th Century. Even now, we can see the T-Shirts with Bruce Lees face hanging in the show rooms and with out any second thought he is the most popular martial artist. He is one of the best martial artists.

3. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong actor , comedian , martial fighter , stunt performer. He has acted more than 100 films. Chan began his film career as a stunt man in the Bruce Lee films First of Fury and Enter the Dragon. Jackie is one of the greatest martial arts innovator in the film history. He is not only a martial arts actor in movies but also a comedian. He has got his fame through the film Rumble in the Bronx. Chan has huge fan base in India and he has taken part in many functions in India and shared the dais with Indian celebrities.

3. Chuck Nooris

Chuck Nooris is an American actor and martial artist. He is considered as greatest martial artist in America and has  fans  across America. He gained his fame due to his martial art. He served United States Air Force before  he moved to Holly wood. Chuck Nooris acted in many action movies , he acted with Bruce Lee too. He is a writer and wrote books on Christianity. Norris made his acting debut in a film “The Wreking Crew”.Norris was defeated in his first two Karate tournaments and he improved a lot after that to gain the fame .Apart from his acting, he is a philanthropist and has contributes to many organizations. He also contributed funds to organizations in other country like India for helping the eradication of HIV/AIDS. In the year 2005, Nooris become an internet phenomenon know as “Chuck Nooris Facts”.

4. Jet Li

Jet Li is a Chinese martial artist, actor , film producer, Wushu Champion and an international film star. Jet Li’s first Hollywood film was a villain in Lethal Weapon 4. He is a 5-time Chinese National Wushu Champion and he is acknowledged as a black belt for many Chinese martial arts. It is his original authentic martial arts that enabled him to be in fame internationally. There is a popular video game “Jet Li:Rise to Honor” for the PlayStation 2 and it has motion capture of Jet Li.