Most Expensive iPhone 5 Case

Most expensive iPhone 5 case is out even before iPhone 5 was in the market. Why do they spend this? Is there a market for this expensive case ? We don’t know yet. The Natural Sapphire Company has introduced this cases with tons of excitement. The price is about 100K and they says having this case with iPhone 5 will add endless fun and excitement.

Most Expensive iPhone 5 Case: $100,000

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This special case for iPhone 5 is exquisitely crafted of 18kt white gold and set with 2,830 natural blue Ceylon Sapphires, totaling 169.8 carats. The Apple logo is set with 38 exceptionally colored natural rubies totaling 2.28 carats, and the Apple’s leaf is a single marquise cut natural green sapphire. Total cost for this amazing case?  $100,000

Also, if you like the design and want to add some personalization, you have an option and company is ready to work with you. Colors like platinum, pink sapphires, yellow sapphires etc are available. This cool and expensive cases is completely made in America ( even though iPhone 5 is not) and stones are sourced from Madagascar, Africa and Thailand.

For sure, this case will protect your iPhone 5 but who will protect this expensive iPhone 5 case.

For those who are unaware, The Natural Sapphire Company specializes in mining, sourcing, and selling natural untreated sapphires. Founded in 1939 by Walter Arnstein, the company is now a third-generation family business.

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Gold Platted iPhone 5 cases $1,224

If you are not happy with the above iPhone 5 cases, here is another one with Gold platted. This is not the most expensive cases but still it is expensive and costs around $1,224. This golden iPhone 5 case is manufactured by Gold & Co of London is made out of 24-karat gold. Company has planned to sell at UAE at collector’s Palace in Dubai mall.


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