Most Expensive Dollhouse

It is not only the kids but elders are excited to see the doll house. What if you see the most expensive doll house worth half a million. Here are the details about the doll house. The Fairy Castle is for display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois, USA since 1950. Look at the pictures below, it is really a great work.

The worlds most expensive dollhouse costs $500,000 and it is 9ft tall at its highest turret. It was built by movie star Colleen Moore with 500-year-old jewels and gems with the help of more than 700 experts. It has rare and expensive gems to beautify. The dollhouse has a drawing room, great hall, library, the chapel, bath room for princess and prince, country garden and many more. The glass windows are etched with visuals from the fairy tales. The walls are decorated with Jack and Jill with Humpty Dumpty.

The drawing room has rose quartz and jade which are more than 500 years old from the Chinese royal collection and chandelier is pure gold with diamonds. The castle toured the United States during the years of Great depression to raise funds. It is build in such a way it can be dismantled into parts for easy transportation.


Most expensive dollhouse Chapel


Most expensive dollhouse - dining

Great hall

Most expensive dollhouse great hall

Bed room

Most expensive dollhouse princes bed room


Most expensive dollhouse library

Bath room

Most expensive dollhouse bath room

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