Most Expensive Cricket Bat

Cricket bats used by reputed players are expensive and they are sold mostly in auctions. Do you know the price of the expensive cricket bat sold in auction? Bats of Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Doni were auctioned at high price but the most expensive cricket bat ever sold in auction is discussed in this article. Here are the details about the player and his bat with pictures.

The Most Expensive Cricket bat is $145,000 used by Sir Donald Bradman and was sold in an auction at Melbourne, Australia on 24-September-2008. This bat was used in his debut test. He made his debut during 1928 and 1929. Bradman just scored 18 runs from his first bat and 1 run from the second bat.

The bat was signed by country’s top cricket players and the team who played in 1928-1929 test matches and the English opponents. The bidding had a heavy competition from Australian’s and people from other parts of the world including India.

Most Expensive cricket bat in the world

The bat is considered as an Icon by Australian people and cricketers.

Bradman still holds many records in test cricket match and here are the few.

1. Most double Centuries: 12

2. Most runs against one opponent (England): 5,028

3. Highest career batting average: 99.94

Here is video to watch the Most Expensive Cricket bat sold in auction.

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