6 Slim iPhone 5 Cases and Covers

iPhone 5 is one of the coolest gadget in the planet. It is slim, well designed and eye catching. But, still has to be protected with a case. There are hundreds of iPhone 5 cases in the market. Here we have listed the slim iPhone 5 cases which doesn’t spoil the originality of your iPhone 5. Let’s walk through and hope will simplify your shopping experience.

1. KaysCase Slim Soft Skin Cover Case for Apple New iPhone

This is a slim iPhone 5 cases, we have discovered so far and is sold  for less than $10. As of this writing there is a deal of buy one get one. This case is  made of high quality thermo poly urethane and works with At&T, Verison, Sprint and many more providers. This case is ultra slim and protects your phone from scratches and dust. The design is minimal and hence preserves the originality of your iPhone 5. Check it Out

2. Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case

This is ultra slim iPhone 5 case and comes with 60 day money back guarantee. It protects your iPhone 5 from scratches and dust and maintains  the original design of your iPhone 5. Check it Out

3. splash CRUISER Slim-Fit Polycarbonate Slider Case for iPhone 5

This is a sleek iPhone 5 case to protect your iPhone 5 and looks perfect on your iPhone. This is hard and can protect your iPhone from dust and drops.  You have easily access to all the buttons and have variety of colors including pink and purple for girls. Check it Out

4. STM Bags Opera Case for iPhone 5

This case is light weight and provides perfect grip to your iPhone 5. This cases is sold at a price range of $20 to $25 in online stores. Check it Out

5. splash ZERO Ultra-Slim PolyCarbonate Case for iPhone 5

This is a sleek case and is jut 0.9mm thick and never adds bulk to your iPhone 5. This is made out of poly carbonated and is available in multiple colors. As in the picture, this case adds more value to your iPhone 5.Check it Out

6. Acase iPhone 5 case – Superleggera PRO Dual-Layer Protection Cover

This is a best slim case in the list and is sold in multiple colors like Black, White, Red, Purple, Gold, Orange, Carol Blue and Hot Pink – 8 Colors to choose from. Looks like a designer case and provides complete protection to your iPhone. This is thin as in the picture and is sold at a  range of $25 to $29. Check it out

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