5 iPhone Cases with attached Chargers

There are people who uses their iPhone, till its battery is completely drained. Here is a good news for them. You have cases which are having built in chargers. Today, we have listed best iPhone cases with chargers. They are sold at a price range of $50 to $100 at online stores. We have surfed more than 25 chargers of this kind to bring the list. Hope it will help your shopping.

1. Energizer Energi

Energizer Energi is a portable charger and has perfect case to fit your iPhone. It is available for iPhone 4/4s.  This case is extra thin and will support your phone for additional 3 hours of 3G talk time. It is sold at a price range of  $30 to $35. It also has finger print resistant outer coating.

2. Third Rail Slim Case

As for as we know, it is one of the thinnest battery case in the market and is sold at a price range of $60 to $70. Third Rail System features a super slim protective case, a convenient and optional power case when needed, and a universal external charger for 100s of other devices.

3.Power skin Matt titanium

With its one-piece silicone, soft touch body and titanium back the PowerSkin offers protection and up to 200 hours standby time. It has Titanium body. PowerSkin battery cases provide power and protection for all day, on-the-go use of your iPhone 4/4. As of this writing, it is not available for iPhone 5.

4. Mobius iPhone 4/4s Solar Charging Case

This is the best solar charger and case for iPhone. It is made out of mono-crystal solar panel and can hold extra talk time and internet surfing.

5. Spyder i4 Power Shadow 2000mAh Battery Case and Charger

Spyder i4 Power Shadow 2000mAh Battery Case and Charger  is sold with doc and easily portable. You can charge and sync without removing your iPhone from i4 case. And the lightweight, ultra-slim polycarbonate body, with its satin rubber finish, feels ruggedly luxurious in your hand yet easily slides into your pocket.

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