10 difference between Microsoft surface and iPad

Tablet market is crowded and Microsoft is the only company who has courage to be in the game. Several companies which said, will launch tablet has backed due to Apple fear.

For example, Cisco Systems which announced a corporate tabled last year has stepped back. If Microsoft has to be in game, it should have some thing different, let’s see the difference here and hope this list will help you to avoid confusion.

iPad vs Microsoft Surface: Tablet specs compared

microsoft surface vs iPad

1. iPad runs in iOS 5 and Apple has already introduced iOS 6 and you have an option to upgrade. Microsoft surface has two versions of hardware and will run on Windows 8 operating system. We can say, high end version of Surface will work like a PC with more powerful version of Windows 8. So, you can live with out laptop, if you have high end version of Microsoft surface.

2. There is not much difference in weight. Microsoft Surface weighs little higher than iPad. But it is negligible. Surface is 1.49 pounds where as iPad is 1.46 pounds.

3. Surface’s lighter version is 9.3 mm and iPad is about 9.4 mm. But the high end version of Surface is  13.5 mm.

4. Surface screen is 10.6 inch and iPad 9.7 inch. Which is better is a question and purely depends on the users preference.

5. Windows surface has 32.5 watt-hour for RT version( lighter version) and 42.5 watt-hours for powerful version. Apple’s iPad 2 has 42.5 watt-hours.

6. iPad has home grown chip A5 and Surface RT has Nvidia Tegra chip and Surface -Windows 8 has Intel Ivy Bridge chips which is more powerful.

7. Surface has USB3 ports and iPad doesn’t have this. USB is one of the most required port for any computing device and Surface took that as advantage.

8. Surface and iPad has camera’s but Surface has 22 degree tilted camera, which is easy to shoot when placed on stand.

9. Apple sold smart cover and Microsoft went ahead by smart keyboard which also acts asccover.

10. Surface has built-in stand and iPad doesn’t. Here, you don’t need to buy extra stand if you opt for Surface.

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