10 Best iPhone 5 Cases and Covers

Congratulations, If you are in this page, you are a proud owner of iPhone 5. Here we have listed 10 Best iPhone 5 cases and covers in the market. These cases are ready even before iPhone has stated to ship. We have choose based on reviews and style in various forums. Hope one of the listed cases will help you to protect your expensive iPhone 5. Please share with your friends, if you like it. Most of the cases listed below are available for sale in amazon.com and popular online stores.

1. Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case

This case is one of the cool iPhone 5 case in the list. The reason is, it is slim and it never spoils your look of your iPhone 5. The added advantage is it comes with 60 day money back guarantee. It is well designed and styled for elegant look. UV coated hard polycarbonate frame with Flexible TPU border to protect your new iPhone 5. It protects you iPhone 5 from drops and scratches.  Check it out

2. Kayscases for iPhone 5

This cases is made of high quality poly carbonate plastic shell case and is available for AT&T, Verison, Sprint and other carriers. This iPhone 5 case protects all the sides and back of the iPhone 5. Front is open so that you can enjoy the retina display of iPhone 5. This case is ultra slim and fits perfectly on your iPhone. Also, this case is available in multiple colors. Check it out

3. Belkin Grip Neon Glo Case/Cover for New Apple

Belkin is one of the top brand and recognized brand for iPhone accessories. They have varieties of iPhone 5 cases and this stands out. The purple color case looks slim and is the best iPhone 5 case for girls. This case protects you phone from scratches and damages. Over all, it is a light weight case with multiple color options. Check it

4. Otterbox Prefix iPhone 5 case

Otterbox has good market share with respect to iPhone cases. They are good, if you are a rough user of iPhone 5. It is one of the top rated iPhone 5 case and is preferred if you frequently drop your iPhone. It is hard case and for sure, if you don’t prefer to maintain the look of your iPhone, this is worth buying. The added advantage is you need not spend extra dollars for screen protection and this case acts as screen protector too. You can give your phone to kids, if you use this case. We can call this as an iPhone 5 case for kids too. It is Robust, 3-layer protection, easy installation, polycarbonate pieces lock together, silicone installs easily over polycarbonate and stays in place. Check it out

5. STM Bags Opera Case for iPhone 5

This is a simple and minimal design iPhone 5 case. It is easy to hold and protects your phone from scratches. It provides excellent grip while holding. There  is  a protective rim around the case for extra protection. This cases is sold in multiple colors and provides access to all the ports and buttons easily. Check it out

6. Barely There iPhone 5 case by Case Mate

This is the slimmest case in this list and is from Case Mate, one of the most popular iPhone case manufacture. It only protects the back side of the phone from scratches. It is available in 12 different colors. Check it Out

7. iLuv iPhone 5 protective case

If you prefer to have multiple designs for your iPhone 5 case, this is the right one. They are protective hard shell case and is available in variety of designs and colors. They do have Disney characters and are called Disney iPhone cases. These iPhone 5 covers are popular with college going students.

8.  iLuv glow-in-the-dark iPhone 5 case

If you have trouble finding your phone in the dark, here is the case for you. This case is useful, if you need some light in the bead room.

9. Bear Motion (TM) Premium Flip Folio Case for iPhone 5 with Non-Frame Adhesive

If you are looking for executive style and Folio type iPhone 5 cases, this might be right one. This case is sold in multiple colors and easily fits in your handbag. This is a leather iPhone 5 case.You can see the complete screen of your iPhone 5, if you are using this case. There is no frame and you can see the complete design of your iPhone 5. There is adhesive silicon, which helps to stick your iPhone 5 to case for extra security. Check it out

10. Splash VAPOR Slim-Fit Flex Case for iPhone 5

It is last in the list and is the best case and is a cheap and affordable iPhone 5 case. Available color options are  Black, Clear, Blue, Pink, Purple. This is slim and protects your iPhone from scratches and dust. Check it out

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