10 Best iPhone 4S Cases

Here is the list of 10 Best iPhone cases and covers. Our listing is purely based on the quality, user reviews, design and usability. This list is just for your information and hope will help you to narrow down your iPhone case shopping. Speck is the most popular brand for iPhone and iPad cases. Speck manufactures variety of case and we have listed the best  iPhone cases manufactured by Speck products.

1.  Tough Skin for iPhone 4S/4

Tough Skin  for iPhone 4S is the toughest iPhone 4S case for rough users of iPhone. It has two piece dual layer, rugged construction to help from shocks. Grooves on outer surface gives you a grip and comfort to hold your iPhone. It also includes free screen protector.They call this as super-tough iPhone 4 case. If you are a rough user of iPhone and often drop your iPhone, this is the right case.
Tough Skin fir iPhone 4S/4

2. CandyShell for iPhone 4S/4

Candyshell for iPhone is a top rated iPhone 4S case by many forum reviewers. This Case is one of the best selling case in Amazon.com. CandyShell cases are popular as it is sold in multiple colors and looks slim and soft to hold. If you want to have a clean look and feel and with protection, then this is the right case. The case easily fits your iPhone and slips into pocket. It fits iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models. These multi color iPhone case almost looks a  metal iPhone cases.

CandyShell for iPhone 4S

3. PixelSkin HD for iPhone

PixelSkin HD for iPhone is slim and stylish iPhone 4S Case. It is light weight and protective case for iPhone. It has raised screen bezel and protects your iPhone screen, even if it falls first. The pixel texture gives a great protection and grip. The interesting factor is, it is sold in multiple colors and available in most of the online stores.
PixelSkin HD cases for iPhone

4. CandyShell Card for iPhone 4S/4

CandyShell Card for iPhone 4S/4 has built in card holder. This case is useful, if you don’t prefer to have a separate wallet as it can hold business card or credit cards. The outer surface is matte finished for grip and cool look. This case can protect your iPhone form shocks and scratches.
CandyShell card cases for iPhone 4s

5. Fitted Burton for iPhone 4S/4

Fitted Burton for iPhone 4S/4 fits both iPhone 4S and 4 models. It has multiple patters and you feel comfortable to hold the iPhone due to its soft finish. This case will not protect your iPhone from shocks. It is a case to protect your iPhone from dust. These cases are mostly used by college going girls.
Fitted Burton for iPhone 4S

6. CandyShell Satin for iPhone 4S/4

CandyShell satin for iPhone 4S/4 is a popular model from Speck. This is soft as silk and comfortable to handle. This case has 2 layer to give more protection to your iPhone. This case is light weight and fits perfectly your iPhone. It is worth, if you need to maintain the original shape of your iPhone.
Candy shell satin  cases for iPhone

7. CandyShell Flip for iPhone 4S/4

CanyShell Flip is one of the coolest cases with respect to usability. This case has flip-back panel and it lets you to dock your iPhone without removing it from the case. This award winning iPhone 4S case protects your iPhone from shocks and scratches. Unlike other cases, this case is not sold in multiple colors. The draw back with this case is because of the flip mechanism, it will allow dirt to go back to the iPhone 4 glass.
CandyShell Flip cases

8. CandyShell Grip for iPhone 4S/4

CandyShell Grip for iPhone 4S/4 is a hard case and it has a grip for extra protection. This case is sold in multiple colors and is useful, if you are holding your iPhone for most of the time. It has dual layer protection like any other Speck cases. The rubber lining absorbs shock and this case fully protects your iPhone from dust. This is like a designer iPhone cases.
CandyShell Grip cases for iPhone

9. Fitted ArtsProjekt for iPhone 4S/4

Fitted ArtsProjekt for iPhone  is a case for art work lovers. This is one of the well designed cases from speck Products. It has outer layer with fabric and there are plenty of designs for this iPhone cases. This case will perfectly fit your iPhone and will keep your iPhone slim and sleek.
Fitted ArtsProjectkt for iPhone 4S

10. Valentine’s Day iPhone Case

This is a limited edition iPhone case from Speak Products and is manufactured for Valentine’s Day 2012. It is a great gift for this season. It  is stylish and fits your iPhone perfectly. This cases protects your iPhone from dust and is  hard enough to protect from shocks. This is a cool iPhone case for girls and pink lovers.
pink iPhone cases
Note :  The list is for information purpose only. We have not mentioned prices as it keeps changing. All the products listed above are available in amazon.com, speckproducts.com
Reference : Amazon.com, speckproducts.com. All the cases listed above can be used in iPhone 4 and iPhoe 4S and Verizone iPhones.

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