10 Best iPad Cases for Kids

Kids are often using  iPad and it is required to protect the expensive iPad. Here, we have listed the best iPad cases for kids and toddlers by considering the price, quality, design, and reliability. The best iPad case is one which protects your iPad from shocks, scratches, and drops. We have read multiple forum, blogs, and articles to understand the preference and opinion of others to give you a great list. We hope, this list will narrow down your search to improve your iPad case shopping experience.

Most of the cases in the list are available for iPad and iPad 2. We hope you will like this ipad case review. It will answer your question, “What is the best iPad Case for kids?”

This list includes cheap iPad cases to expensive iPad cases and covers with respect to price.

1. Otterbox Defender case

Otterbox is most popular iPad case. It is not so cool when with respect to design and style but it is the best iPad 2 case to protect your iPad. You can give your iPad to your kids, if it has Otterbox Defender case protection. Most popular colors are pink and black. There is also a built in stand and makes movie watching experience enjoyable. But there are many reviewers, who are not convinced with the stand. There are multiple deals for this ipad hard case in Amazon.com and eBay.com. Check it Out

 Otterbox Defender ipad cases for kids

2. Speck Products iPad 2 iGuy

Speck Products iPad 2 iGuy does not give protection to iPad but they are extremely good with respect to design and style. You can use this iPad case as a photo frame and without doubt, kids will enjoy watching movies with this case. It is kids friendly and fits both iPad and iPad 2. This is a cool iPad 2 case for kids.

A negative comment about this case is, it gives foam smell. There are multiple colors including yellow, blue, and green. Check it out

Speck Products iPad 2 iGuy for kids

3. Disney Hybrid Case and Kit for iPad and iPad 2

‘Disney Hybrid Case and Kit’ for iPad and iPad 2 is a right case, if you are not concerned about protection and you look for great style. It can protect form scratches and sticky fingers but it won’t protect from shocks. This iPad case is cool with respect to design and style. Your kid will enjoy the case than the iPad. This case is worth for money. The package includes child proof case, integrated pass through screen protector, car headrest, and carrying strap, capacitive stylus, and integrated stand.

The drawback is, it is heavy and kids will not enjoy carrying this case but it is a great cover for iPad 2.  Check it Out

kids Disney Hybrid Case and Kit for iPad

4. iBallz Original Shock Absorbing Harness for iPad 1 and iPad 2

iBallz Original Shock Absorbing Harness for iPad 1 and iPad 2 is an innovative idea with respect to design. It will not provide a complete protection for iPad but still, it will observe the shocks, if dropped. The case is open on all the sides and is not spill proof. You can hang this on wall like a picture frame. If you give this to your kids, they will play with the iPad case but, not with the iPad. It is worth for kids of age 10 to 12 not worth buying for toddlers. Check it Out

iBallz Original Shock preventing ipad 2 cases  for kids5. M-Edge Super Shell

M-Edge Super Shell is made from ultra-protective closed-cell foam that helps absorb shocks if iPad is dropped. The most popular color is green and is mainly manufactured to attract kids. This case is not expensive compared to other cases in the list. This cases has full back protection and is completely open in front with out any screen protector. Tough edges can protect shocks to some extent. The dimpled texture allows for no slip grip and is popular iPad case with respect to kids of 6 years old and lesser. It comes in the kid-friendly color Atomic Green. Check it Out

M-Edge Super Shell ipad cases for kids

6. Ballistic Tough Jacket for iPad 2 – 1

It is the toughest iPad case for kids. Ballistic Tough Jacket for iPad provides 3 layer protection for iPad. It has high impact Resistant Hard Plastic to protect you iPad. Outer layer includes Ballistic corners, which means all four corner have extra shock absorption where you need it the most. It is priced moderately. With respect to design, it is not so attractive. Check it Out

Ballistic Tough Jacket for iPad 2 - 1  cases for kids

7. Gripcase for iPad 2 – BLACK/BLUE

Gripcase for iPad 2  is an ideal case for kids with maximum protection and easy to handle. It has cool shock protection as outer layer has foam. What we like is, Gripcase features a “crumple zone,” between the body and the bumper corner. This crumple zone absorbs the energy created during an impact and directs it away from your iPad. “crumple zone” idea works or not but it is an innovative idea to protect your iPad. Check it out

Gripcase for iPad 2  cases for kids8. Trident KRAKEN2 Case for Apple iPad 2

Trident KRAKEN 2 Case for Apple iPad 2 is a well designed case not only for kids but for any one who needs to protect iPad. The case is made of hard plastic and protects you iPad from shocks. The case also protects from dust and dirt as it comes with screen protectors. The case is heavy and it is not easily portable from one place to other. If you are using at home or car, it is worth to buy. You have option to choose from variety of colors including pink for girls. Check it Out

ipad 2 cases for kids

9. Apptivity Case for iPad – Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price is a leading toy manufacturer and they do have a great case for kids.This sturdy case will protect your iPad from dribbles, drool, and sticky little fingers. Busy beads and a handle are great for go-anywhere play. They come with a free app and it has cool features for kids. It help baby practice eye-hand coordination. This case with apps will help your kids activity and skills and it looks like a designer ipad cases. Check it out

Fisher-Price ipad cases for kids

10. Griffin LightBoard

Griffin LightBoard is more than an iPad case for kids. Lightboard is a colorful plastic case to enclose your iPad and it provides access to the buttons and ports on the device. There is also a plastic screen protector integrated in the case. This case increases your kids activity while protecting your iPad. It Offers adequate protection with kid friendly application and is a fun ipad case for kids. Check it Out

ipad case for kids

Source : Amazon.com, eBay.com, bestbuy.com, apple discussion forums.

We have not listed the price as it keeps changing and as of this writing all the cases are available in amazon.com.

The above list is for information and do an extensive research before ordering iPad cases.

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