10 Best iPad 3 Cases and Covers

iPad 3 or ‘the new iPad’ has lot of improvements from iPad 2. The retina display, powerful camera and processor adds more value to you iPad 3. Considering the price, it has to be protected with best iPad 3 Cases.  We have listed the best iPad 3 cases based on the manufacturer’s historical products. This listed cases are with pictures and are really best and cool iPad 3 cases. Most of the manufacturer’s are top rated iPad 3 case sellers.

1. CaseCrown Bold Standby Case for Apple iPad 3 /The new iPad – Black



CaseCrown Bold Standby

If you are looking for faux leather  case, this is the right choice. With this iPad 3 case, you can view the iPad 3 with multiple angles. This is sold in black color and made of faux leather case and gives a cool look for your iPad 3. Since, it is open designed, all the ports of iPad 3 are easily  accessible. You can take pictures with out removing the case. It is one of the most reviewed cases.

2. Folio iPad 3 cases

Folio-iPad 3 cases

iPad 3 Folio cases are popular with few segment of iPad users. It has a strap and you can hold on go. There is an interior lining for enhanced protection. The added advantage is, it has integrated kickstand for convenient typing and surfing the web. You can position your iPad 3 with multiple angles.

3. GlosSEE p2 – Flexible Rubber Case for new iPad 3

If you are looking for a rubber iPad 3 case, then this might be the right fit. It is sold in multiple colors including pink and blue. This iPad 3 case is  slim and  fitting provides excellent protection for your device while retaining the aesthetic appeal of you iPad. This case can be used with iPad smart covers too and is the best iPad 3 case of girls as it fits in the handbag easily.  Check here

4. Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for the new iPad

ZAGG is most famous and popular brand for iPad accessories. Logitech Keyboard Case for the new iPad or iPad 3 is an excellent case for your iPad 3, if you prefer to have  extra key board for your iPad 3. It is thin and light weight iPad 3 case. It is one of the top rated iPad 3 case by online community. The case is made out of air craft grade aluminum and gives a clean look to your device. Also, it is an award winning case.

5. !Pop Case with stand from Case mate

If you have an iPhone or older iPad, you would have heard of case mate. Case mate is one of the major manufacturer of iPad cases. They have variety of iPad 3 cases in their store. Out of that, the interesting one is !Pop case with stand. This is one of the coolest case and designed for multipurpose. You can use this as an iPad 3 stand and case. The sides are made out of rubber for easy grip and it is light weight because of the materials used by the manufacturer. It is an iPad 3 case for kids as it can be fixed for watching movies.

6. Venture Case for the new iPad or iPad 3

Venture case for iPad 3 is an executive style case as you can notice in the below picture. This is stylish and gives a luxury look for your iPad 3. It is an iPad 3 case which can open like a book and has smart magnet technology to help switch off your iPad, if closed. There is also a built in stand and it remains hidden when not in use. This case looks like a leather case but actually it is not. The color option is limited to brown and black. It is one of the best and cool portfolio iPad 3 or the new iPad case. Check here

7. OtterBox defender series case

If you are looking for the strongest and even toughest iPad 3 case, this is the right choice. The design and style are not good but with respect to protection from shocks and scratches, this is the best iPad 3 case. The Defender Series iPad 3 case is built with a high-impact inner polycarbonate shell, built-in foam interior to protect your iPad 3 from scratches and shocks. If you are giving your iPad to kids, this is the right choice. This is top rated and best selling iPad case. The color is limited to black. Check it

OtterBox defender series case for iPad 3

8. iLuv OragamiFolio

iLuv OragamiFolio is a super slim iPad 3 case. You can use the stand for multiple viewing angles. This is sold in multiple colors like blue, pink and best case if you are interested in minimum design. It has magnetic on-off function which saves iPad battery life.
iLuv OragamiFolio

9. Targus Business Folio

Targus Business Folio as the name suggests is the best iPad case, if you are are a business user. It has pockets to place your cards, pens and papers. This is more stylish and made out of nylon/canvas.  It has magnetic on-off function to switch on-off your iPad. Targus is most popular iPad case in the market. Check it
Targus Business Folio for iPad3 cases

10. Dodocase for iPad 3

Dodocase for iPad 3 is popular for “Made in America” banner. They are sold in multiple colors and made out of Bamboo. This iPad 3 case looks like a book and gives a decent look for your new iPad. What we didn’t like is, you have to pay extra for making a hole in the back side for camera. The case can be used as stand too. The picture describes its design. Check it

Dodocase for iPad 3

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