6 Cool iPad cases and covers for kids


iPad has become a necessary gadget for kids and considering that, we have listed 6 best iPad cases and covers for kids. They are reviewed based on online comments. There are multiple options available for kids and considering the hard cases are better option as it can prevent the breakage from accidental drops.

10 Slim iPhone 6 Cases and Covers


iPhone 6 is released and we are here to list the slim iPhone 6 cases in the market. The cases are selected based on the various discussions from the form. Even through it is slim, you have to make sure that the case protects your iPhone 6 from scratches and dust.

10 Best iPhone 6 Cases and Covers


The most anticipated iPhone 6 is available and by this time you might be searching for best iPhone 6 cases and covers. Here we have listed the best cases available in the market. The cases are listed based on the user discussion in the forum and the popularity of the brands. The most popular brands […]

10 difference between iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5


Samsung Galaxy S5 is launched and many are eager to buy Samsung Galaxy S5. Also, confused to go with iPhone 5s or Samsung galaxy S4. To make it clear, we have listed the 10 difference between iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5. This is based on the specification of the phones and are not related […]

10 Best iPhone 5s cases and covers


As usual, iPhone 5s is a successful phone and here are the 10 best selling iPhone 5s cases and covers. Theses cases are listed based on user reviews from multiple sites. Most of the cases listed here are sold in amazon.com and ebay.com. We have considered from the cheapest to expensive cases by considering various […]

10 Best Galaxy S4 Cases

galaxy s4 cases

Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular smart phones and today we have listed the best galaxy s4 cases in the market. These cases are listed based on user reviews and comments from multiple forums. The below cases are sold in online stores with price range of $5 to $40. 1. Samsung Galaxy S4 […]

Most Expensive Blue Diamond


Diamond is one of the most expensive stones and here we see the word’s most expensive blue diamond. This is extremely rare fancy deep-blue diamond and it weighs 5.30 carats. It is sold at Bonhams Fine Jewelry sale in London’s New Bond Street on April 24th. The price is $1.8 million per carat and the […]

6 Cool iPhone Docks and Speakers


It looks like a book on the table. But, actually it is an iPhone charger. The charging cord is well placed and secured inside the book. This cute designed charger is from RichNeeleyDesigns. It accommodates sync and charge functions via the USB cable, and although the wall connector is not included, wall adapters come standard […]

9 Cool iPhone Accessories


AppTag Laser Blaster is a first person shooter console for smartphones. The beauty is AppTag apps, which keeps your score via WiFi and players has option to choose their weapons. There is an option to single or team games. AppTag unit works with iOS and Android. $49.99 1) Laser Tag for iPhones, iPods & Android […]

4 Cool head phones


It is time to stop using wired head phones as we got a cool Bluetooth enabled wireless head sets from Plantronics. It is light and easily slips into your pocket and has inline controls to make it easy to take calls, skip tracks, and adjust volume. $99   2) One Sense Headphones How to avoid […]